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WELCOME and ALOHA from Maui!




Where is Da Barefoot Warrior Playing tonight?

A very common question.......................

He could be at any of the following venues:

Hula Grill
Wednesday ~ Happy Hour: 11:00am - 2:00pm

Wednesday ~ Trio: 6:15pm - 9:15pm, Hula Show: 8:00pm

performing a wedding or vow renewal

Schedule subject to change without notice.
We would love to see you! Please call or e-mail at least a week
before your arrival for Ernest's schedule

We are proud to present:
from Wahine Puaa:

Da Barefoot Warrior of Moloka'i


From Hawaiian poet-author Wahine Puaa comes an engaging and personal anthology of poems
that reflect the sentiments of the poet and the depths of the culture and beauty of Hawaii.

NEW! Now available as an eBook for $9.99. Purchase your copy now

You can also purchase the book for $15.99 here



Find Ernest on Facebook

Find Da Barefoot Warrior on Facebook



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Do you want to be in Kaanapali Now? Do you remember hearing the spiritual music while sitting on Kaanapali beach? Do you want to be digging your toes into the sand at The Barefoot Bar at The Hula Grill and listening to the music while sipping a Lava Flow? Are you waiting for Happy Hour? We can help you re-create your Kaanapali memory!

Purchase Da Barefoot Warrior Live I CD here:

Ernest Puaa, a Maui singer and entertainer, performs nightly at the The Hula Grill and Kaanapali Beach Hotel in Kaanapali. His music includes traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music. If you've recently visited Ernest at one of his performances, you will have heard the "Music from My Soul" as he loves to say. A music CD featuring live music recorded at The Hula Grill is usually sold during his performances and can also be purchased here.

Purchase Da Barefoot Warrior Live II CD here:

More live music recorded at your favorite restaurant in Kaanapali: The Hula Grill



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Quite a few years ago, Ernest released his first CD, In My House. Although the CD is out of print and is no longer available for purchase, you may visit here to view a list and desciption of the songs and listen to clips of a few of the songs.


Are you planning your wedding or private event?


There are so many venues and coordinators to choose from! Ernest works with many of Maui's best wedding coordinators and event planners to provide music for your special event.  Contact Ernest  to see if your dates are available. Add your name to our list to receive free tips about planning your special event!




Family & Friends

Da Barefoot Warrior has family and friends all over the world! Over the years, we've been fortunate to meet many friends and travel to some of their homes. Ernest has taken his music with him and performed for friends and their families in Stockton, California; Southfield, Michigan; Mansfield, Texas; Lake Tahoe, Nevada; and Highland Ranch, Nevada and more recently in Covina, California.

Please be sure to e-mail us your picture so that we may add it to the album. Please also tag your photos on Facebook with Da Barefoot Warrior ~ we would love to see your photos there.


Da Barefoot Warrior Culture

Along with the spirituality of Ernest's music, the Hawaiian culture comes through. Ernest's music is rooted in his belief in God. He also believes that his ancestors firmly guide his path. Please enjoy "Smile"; a poem Ernest wrote that truly reflects his spirituality.

We also share with you The Warrior Code of Honor written and adapted by Francis Kamakawiwo'ole Jr. for the men and women of The Proud Hawaiian Society. This society was formed in the early 1990's by Francis, to guide the youth in Lahaina toward making a good life for themselves. The Warrior Code of Honor was published on Ernest's first CD: In My House.

For those of you who are interested in some of the history of Kahekili, one of Maui's warrior chiefs, we share with you "Kahekili & The Pahupu", written by Gerald Chong. Kahekili (which means "thunder") painstakingly tattooed half of his body and his warriors, The Pahupu, did the same. During Chief Kahekili's reign in the late 1700's, Hale Kii and Pihana Heiau was built in Waiehu. Today, Hale Kii and Pihana Heiau have been restored and can easily be located by driving North for about 10 minutes from Kahului into Waiehu.



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"You're never alone while walking under God's creation"

— Da Barefoot Warrior

aka Ernest K. Puaa

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